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Carbon Mineralization

STICO Lab is advancing several carbon capture and storage opportunities around the world to help support our commitment to the Paris Agreement.

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Using the reaction of various salts in seawater with carbon dioxide. Carbon mineralization is one of the methods that can store carbon dioxide in the safest form for a long time. The cations (calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc.) contained in seawater react with carbon dioxide to produce complex carbonate, dolomite. It is applied to Concrete, aggregate, etc. We manufacture high-purity single carbonate through an individual pro-cess.

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Thermal Power Plant Pilot Demonstration

[2017.05 ~ 2019.04]

    Securing a step by step manufacturing process system

  • Control of solubility in carbonate
  • Control of particle shape and size according to reaction conditions
  • Standardization and stabilization of various carbonate production
  • Study on properties of resin composition and applied products
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The Type of carbonate and application to industries are listed below

  • MgCO3, CaCO3 : Paper, Plastics, Paint, Rubber, Heat insulating material, etc.
  • Na2CO3 : Soap, Detergent, Glass materials, Chemical additives, etc.