Organic Waste Circulation

As the development from an agricultural society to an urban society, the decrease in agricultural land and population are accelerating. In addition, as meat consumption increases by changing in human eating habits, the proportion of livestock industry in rural areas is growing.
The ONI-STOP project is a technology that converts excrement into solid compost without liquid fertilizer, providing a sustainable natural circulation system with rapid and appropriate processing.

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(solid compost facility)

To prevent overspreading of compost and overloading the soil with nutrients, the appropriate amount must be calculated, and this standard varies by country or region depending on factors such as climate, land, soil, and variety. The ONI-STOP project provides technology to prevent excess fertilizer from occurring in the process by controlling the production volume.

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ONI-STOP facility 3D video

It is a process of converting livestock manure into solid fertilizer without liquid manure using functional ceramics. There is no need for a sepa-rate solid-liquid separation process.

ONI-STOP demonstration

Using the unique ceramic material technology of STICO Research Institute, the functional ceramic 'ONI-STOP' was developed and applied to the treatment of high moisture-containing food and wastewater, and it was verified that it has an excellent effect in removing odors and mois-ture.
Based on this, we designed a composting process that can quickly process high-moisture pig manure, and demonstrated the performance by building an ONI-STOP facility at a domestic excreta resource center.

August 2018

Lab Test

June 2019

G resource recovery center(Jinju)
Prototype facility demonstration 1

August 2018

Jeongto Biotech co., LTD(Gimhae) Food waste effluent demonstration_img

Jeongto Biotech co., LTD(Gimhae)
Food waste effluent demonstration

April 2020

G resource recovery center(Jinju) ONI-STOP facility construction_img

G resource recovery center(Jinju)
ONI-STOP facility construction 2

May 2020 ~ 2022

G resource recovery center(Jinju)
Pilot facility demonstration 2

August 2022

G resource recovery center(Jinju) ONI-STOP facility demolition_img

G resource recovery center(Jinju)
ONI-STOP facility demolition 2

May 2024

G resource recovery center(Jinju) ONI-STOP facility demolition_img

Pig Farm (Gangwon)
Prototype facility demonstration 3

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ONI-STOP demonstration result

The table below is the empirical test data of our ONI-STOP system. Liquid fertilizer does not occur compared to the existing process, and the amount of compost may be reduced by 33% or increased by 167%.

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ONI-STOP solid compost performance

This is the result of analyzing organic fertilizers produced in the ONI-STOP compost facility.
[ by a fertilizer test research institute based on the Korean Fertilizer Management Act ]

ONI-STOP solid compost performance_img

Establishment of process standards for compost <Revision 2021.11.24>

Construction Case

A 10 ton sewage treatment facility is being installed and operated, and as part of a national policy project, national livestock industry officials from Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Sejong Special Self-Governing City visited the site and observed the treatment process. In addition, overseas countries such as India and Saudi Arabia are also interested in the waste treatment technology developed by our company and are planning to visit.

1.ChungSol Farming AssociationG resource recovery center

Completion date : April 2020
Place : Mount 273-14, Eok-ri, Micheon-myeon, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

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2. YangYang Livestock Pig Farming Association

Completion date : February 2024
Place : 92, Dongmakgol-gil, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon State

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tech_oni_case_img tech_oni_case_img tech_oni_case_img