Organic Waste Circulation

Problems such as overload of generated fertilizers, lack of resource utilization, and water pollution due to discharge are serious. Additionally, excessive application of fertilizers accelerates soil eutrophication and acidification.

As an alternative to this, developed countries are introducing a policy to prevent indiscriminate fertilizer application by introducing the Total Maximum Nutrient Loading System into the soil, and various resources using surplus livestock manure are being proposed. The POO-GREEN project provides technology to convert pig manure with high moisture content into clean water.

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Total Maximum Nutrient Loading System by Country

(clean water facility)

The reality is that manure generated in livestock houses has difficulties in proper treatment due to high moisture content. The POO-GREEN project was designed as a system that rapidly dissipates solids in manure and recycles them into clean water.

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POO-GREEN facility 3D video

Pig manure exists with high moisture, and it is recycled as clean water by applying the solid-liquid separation technology and biological/chemi-cal treatment technology of the STICO Research Institute.
This purified water meets emission standards and can be recycled and linked to smart farms.

POO-GREEN demonstration

In order to efficiently remove solids contained in pig manure, a method of purifying them through physical, chemical, and biological processes is being developed, and on-site verification is being conducted by manufacturing pilot facilities based on data verified in all processes.

November 2020

Pig manure(Oxidation, agglomeration, precipitation) Lab_img

Pig manure(Oxidation,
agglomeration, precipitation) Lab

June 2021

Solid-liquid separation_img

Solid-liquid separation

August 2021

The 2nd fresh water Lab Test_img

The 2nd fresh water
Lab Test

May 2022

Fresh water
Lab Tes

August 2022

G resource recovery center(Jinju) Pilot facility construction_img

G resource recovery center(Jinju)
Pilot facility construction

August 2022

G resource recovery center(Jinju)
Demonstration in progress

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POO-GREEN demonstration result

The table below is the empirical test data of our POO-GREEN system. Compared to the existing process, liquid fertilizer does not occur, and 99% of the excrement inflow water quality is purified and can be reused in connection with smart farms.

POO-GREEN demonstration result_img POO-GREEN demonstration result_img02

POO-GREEN clean water performance

Although the standards for effluent water quality from livestock excreta purification facilities in Korea are being strengthened every year, the existing livestock excreta purification facilities do not meet the strengthening standards, and in some areas, they are treated in conjunction with sewage treatment plants.
The POO-GREEN Project aims to purify 99% of the water quality of the inflow livestock manure.

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Treatment standard : Ordinance on the management of livestock manure in Jeju, Republic of korea
Smart farms are connected to achieve clean water