• Green Energy
    Renewable Energy, Wave Power_image

    Renewable Energy, Wave Power

    Wave power technology

    with minimal cogging torque uses instantaneous redirection to
    effectively accommodate the transmitted energy.
    We provide more effective renewable energy.

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  • Green Hydrogen

    Green Hydrogen

    Seawater Electrolysis

    applied a new catalyst and seawater concentration system
    will dramatically increase the electrolysis efficiency.
    Hydrogen produced in this process can be used as a new energy
    and is a leap forward towards a Net-Zero CO2 society.

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  • E - Methanol

    E - Methanol

    E - Methanol

    is produced through the synthesis of green hydrogen
    and carbon dioxide captured using CCS technology.
    Eco-friendly fuel can be produced at a low price using
    a low-temperature catalytic synthesis process.

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  • CCUS Technology


    CCUS (Carbon capture Storage and Utilization)

    is a generic term used to describe various technological solutions
    for reducing carbon emissions from the atmosphere.
    All solutions must remove emitted and accumulated CO2 from the atmosphere.
    This is called CCUS technology :
    Including underground storage (CCS) or value creation (CCU)

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  • CO2 Capture Technology_image

    CO2 Capture

    CO2 Capture Technology

    using absorbents separate carbon dioxide emitted from atmosphere and chimneys.
    We introduce a new material with superior absorption performance and
    high economic efficiency compared to MEA used in existing industrial processes.

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  • Carbon Mineralization_image

    Carbon Mineralization

    Carbon Mineralization

    provide a solution for safely storing carbon dioxide in bulk.
    Carbonate manufactured in an individual process using seawater,
    a semi-permanent resource, can be stored or used in various industries.

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  • Seawater Alkalization_image

    Seawater Alkalization

    Alkalization of seawater

    through carbonate release contributes to the restoration of the marine ecosystem.
    This can solve marine ecosystem problems such as coral reef bleaching and
    crustacean growth inhibition caused by current ocean acidification.

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  • IMO Solution_image

    IMO Solution

    IMO solution

    is a system that combines the individual technologies we have been developing.
    As a result, we can purify air and water polluted by industrial development.

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  • Total Solution_image

    Total Solution

    A total solution

    is a system that combines the individual technologies we have been developing.
    As a result, we can purify air and water polluted by industrial development.

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  • Organic Waste Circulation
    ‘ONI-STOP’ Technology_image

    ‘ONI-STOP’ Technology

    ‘ONI STOP‘ Technology

    recycles livestock manure and food waste in response to environmental regulations.
    This technology simplifies the composting process, shortening the fermentation
    period, and solving odor and waste disposal problems.

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  • ‘POO-GREEN’ Technology_image

    ‘POO-GREEN’ Technology

    POO-GREEN' technology

    produce clean water by filtering and purifying livestock manure.
    Water can be reused in smart farms, farm washing water etc.
    without producing liquid fertilizer. Therefore, it is a system
    that can respond to environmental regulations and odor problems.

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  • Total Natural Circulation_image

    Total Natural Circulation

    Our technology can resource and reuse organic waste from all parts of society.
    The system can immediately dispose of organic waste.
    In addition, livestock manure can be composted without liquid fertilization,
    and solid fertilizer or fuelization is possible.

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