Green Energy
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For solar and wind power, It accounts for most (77%) of domestic renewable energy operating facilities. In comparison, the use of marine energy accounts for 2%. The land area is narrow and the proportion of forests is high, which limits development. In Korea, wave energy is valued at about 6,500 MW. It is easy to use as it is surrounded by the sea on all sides and has relatively high wave energy density in the East and South Seas.

Source:2021 CCU Technology innovation roadmap_img

When waves of different frequencies overlap, Irregular wave energy is difficult to develop continuously. Electric energy conversion technology with constant voltage and frequency is required. When the wave energy is low, the cogging torque is greatly affected. At this time, power generation efficiency is reduced and vibration and noise problems occur. By minimizing the magnetic resistance of cogging torque, it improves power generation efficiency and suppresses noise. The multi-layered rotating body enables effective reception of rotational and wave energy through instantaneous direction change.

Cogging Torque: Electrical resistance between the rotor and stator magnets of the generator

  • Maximization of efficiency_icon Maximization of efficiency
  • Disassembly / Assembly / Repair - Easy_icon Disassembly / Assembly / Repair - Easy
  • Economical installation and maintenance cost_icon Economical installation and maintenance cost
  • Simplification, miniatruization, and diversification_icon Simplification, miniatruization, and diversification
  • Applicable to various types of offshore power_icon Applicable to various types of offshore power